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Island Codes (June 2022)

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Island codes are fully verified by us. They are 100% working and active codes. At this time, Are you thinking about how to apply Island codes? Then don’t worry! Be happy! Here is the answer to your question. Nothing to do! Just apply the Island Code at the time of playing the game. While applying the Island Code, you will get a reward or some exciting gift hampers.

Every single code plays an important role. This all depends on you that what code you will apply. We are here to guide you that what Island Code suits your game. So, choose the right one and play more and more with us. Utilize your time in playing amazing games with us. Find the best Island Code before it expires!

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Wait Over! Here is the full list of Island Codes { Active Deals }


Get Risky Runways, a trap-filled multiplayer map

Island Code: 5542-7687-4547 



Enjoy Nuketown Reimagined, classic COD map

Island Code: 2012-6281-8095



Again, Enjoy Explorer, parkour map

Island Code: 6224-0839-9043



Get Looming Lama, elaborate multiplayer map

Island Code: 1090-0783-2499



Get Eerie Estates, great for hide-and-seek

Island Code: 0246-3501-9703 



Get Grimy Greens, a dark mystery lies beneath the grass

Island Code: 8641-0487-1161 



Dust II from CS: GO                5253-4025-7629  



Get LazarbeamYT’s map

Island Code:  8335-1484-3001 



Enjoy Mystery Market

Island Code: 7693-3640-8910 



Enjoy Mighty Mountain

Island Code: 5916-2410-1250



Receive YU7A’s map

Island Code: 2434-7674-6447



Get Mahal Museum

Island Code: 1512-9091-3630 



Enjoy Bounce Pad Deathmatch

Island Code: 8792-1332-7866 



Enjoy CallMeCypher’s FFA Snipes

Island Code: 2092-4164-5943 



Get Factories Overgrown Remix

Island Code: 4815-1697-8741



Receive Tinker’s Toystore

Island Code: 0632-6317-2480



Enjoy Janky Jail, a fun multiplayer map

Island Code: 0213-4672-2099 



Get CizzorzDeathRun Challenge, parkour challenge

Island Code: 0940-9970-7913 



Moreover, apply this Island code to get MW2 Rust, classic COD map

Island Code: 3624-9134-2626 



Furthermore, use this code to get Merls Battle Arena

Island Code: 4264-02210-9408 



Enjoy Snipers Vs Runners, inventive mini-game

Island Code: 6352-8048-2222



Additionally, use this code to get Warp Up Course (Advanced), perfect for training

Island Code: 5618-2963-5299



On the other hand, apply this code to get Halo’s Lockout, a recreation of popular Halo map

Island Code: 9587-6651-4676 



Enjoy Shipment COD 4, ideal for a frantic FFA

Island Code: 4203-6925-0108




All you have to do is note the code you want down, load it into Fortnite Creative, head to the Creative Hub, and look for one of the standard rift portals that signifies a featured Island. Stop before you wander into the rift portal and you’ll see an option to ‘Set Island Code’ by holding the E key. This will bring up a box.

Then click the ‘Select Island’ button, which will close the box and change the rift portal so that it takes you to a new map rather than the featured Island – expect it to take some time to load in the new map.


How many Island Codes are available?

At this time, we have a 15+ working & active list of Island Codes. However, we’re updating this page every day with the latest brand new Island Codes. The codes listed on this page are 100% valid and checked by us.

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How long does Island Code Last?

The Promo code last depends on the expiry of the promo code. However, Island Codes valid for a long period.


Why using Island Codes?

Nowadays, promo codes help users to avail themselves of free items, rewards & many more gifts. So, Grab some trending Island code and take benefits in-game. Hurry up! Redeem Code before it went expires.


Where to find working Island Codes?

First of all, let me know one thing. Finding a working promo code is not much difficult with If you are a game lover, you may always need a promo code in the game. Get in touch with us for all the top-level game promo codes. However, you can also search promo codes on social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, etc. Moreover, bookmark this page for the fastest update of Island codes.


How do I get the newest promo codes?

Bookmark this page for the latest updates of Island codes. Every time we find a new coupon code we have added it here on this page. Further, If you can’t find a working promo code right now, check back later for an active list of promo codes.



About Fortnite Creative Island

Fortnite Creative loads into a lobby island from which other islands can be accessed, most prominently those deemed popular by Epic Games. Fortnite Creative is a sandbox game developed and published by Epic Games, part of the video game Fortnite. It was released for battle pass owners on December 6, 2018, in Season 7. Other players could play it from December 13, although they could join other players’ creations the week before.

In the Fortnite meta-game, players can create structures on a private island and share them with up to 16 players (including the owner) for various multiplayer game modes with customizable rules.

Players can place, copy and paste, move and erase objects, including ground tiles, items, and game features. There are limits to the number of structures on an island. Players place objects from a palette with items of their choosing. They can also choose to build from predetermined structures like buildings.

Fortnite Creative loads into a lobby island from which other islands can be accessed, most prominently those deemed popular by Epic Games and in the community. Each player can have up to four private islands. In the game, players can walk, jump, and fly. Players edit the world using a mobile phone that their character holds in the hand. After a minigame is played, the island is reset to its previous state.

The islands can be nominated to appear in The Block, a 25 × 25 tile area in Fortnite Battle Royale, which replaced Risky Reels in the top right corner of the map in season 7. In season 8 The Block was moved to the northwest of the map, replacing the motel.



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