Roblox Samurai Simulator Codes

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Roblox Samurai Simulator Codes


Roblox Samurai Simulator Codes – May 2022

So, here comes the final list of the promo codes. Grab it right now…

  • LETSGROW: Moreover, use this code and you can get 100K Coins.
  • RELEASE: However, use this code and you can get 50K Coins.
  • ScriptedInRomania: Especially, use this code and you can get 5K Coins.


How to Redeem Codes in Roblox Samurai Simulator?

So, if you want to redeem codes in the game and you don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry. Please follow the instructions that are given below. So that, the code is redeemed.

1. Open the game and press the “Twitter” button on the left side of your screen.

2. A screen will be opened.

3. Type codes from above to the blank area. (you can copy-paste these codes)

4. Hit the “Enter” button to use codes.

5. Enjoy the reward.


About the Game

Welcome to Roblox Samurai Simulator!


Quality fixes (such as sound settings, dramatic portal improvements, and so on), auto-sell owners can disable the option from settings as of this update and new milestones!


How to Play:

  • Use your weapon to gain strength!
  • Sell your strength to upgrade your sword and storage!
  • Fight mobs for extra cash and level up!
  • Unlock other islands to gain better weapons!
  • Buy pets to help earn strength and cash faster!



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