Death Star Tycoon Codes

Death Star Tycoon Codes (May 2022)

Run your game smoothly with Death Star Tycoon Codes. Just apply one of the code given below at the time of playing Death Star Tycoon. Enjoy unlimited benefits in the game but for this, you need to have Death Star Tycoon Codes. All promo codes are the latest working and topmost codes.

Moreover, Death Star Tycoon is a fantastic game. In this game, you can get Supremacy Ship and many more items. So, to get all these items in the game, go for Death Star Tycoon Code right now.


Death Star Tycoon Codes

Roblox Death Star Tycoon Codes 2022

Let’s have a look at the list of the promo codes. Choose your code from the list given below.

1. SAVETHEFLEET: Moreover, use this code and you can get Supremacy Ship (New Code)

2. THENOOBTWEETS: Furthermore, use this code and you will unlock the AutoCollect (Auto Collecting Bird)

3. BLUEBIRD2020: However, use this code and you will unlock the Bird Nest Dropper (Auto Collecting Bird)


Death Star Tycoon Codes – How to Redeem?

So, if you want to redeem codes in the game and you don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry. Please follow the instructions that are given below. So that, the code is redeemed.

1. You have to walk into the circles of the spawn area until you unlock a special circle with a code. But first, you need to unlock the first platform, then jump down and find the circle code.


About the game

Death Star Tycoon is a tycoon game created by Tycoon Typhoon.


Players start on a small rectangle, with the option to buy the Star Wars outfits. The first money-maker is a collector, which has to be manually clicked or touched to collect money. The player’s goal is to fully complete their Death Star.


There are eight teams in-game. These teams, in order from top to bottom, are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Purple, and Black.



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