Lifting Simulator Codes

Lifting Simulator Codes (May 2022)

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In HDGamers, we know how much you enjoy spending hours in this video game and that is why we have created a complete list with all Lifting Simulator Codes. We invite you to look for those that still work and get all the benefits you need.

lifting simulator codes


Our List Of Promo Codes ( 2022 Codes )

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Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator Codes

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1. getbuff: Moreover, use this code to earn 300 Strength and also 15 free gems

2. 2020: Furthermore, use this code to earn 250 Strength and also 10 free gems

3. snowyspender50: In spite of this, use this code to earn 50 free gems

4. coalshake100: Consequently, use this code to earn +100 Strength

5. santalifter150: However, use this code to earn +150 Strength

6. christmas100: On the other hand, use this code to earn 100 free gems

7. blizzardlifter200: Additionally, use this code to earn +200 Strength

8. festivespender50: Especially, use this code to earn 50 free gems

9. coolgifts50: As well as that, use this code to earn 50 free gems

10. gainbrouzouf:  Furthermore, use this code to earn 100 free gems

11. Egglifter1000: This code gives free +1000 strength and +25 gems


Redeem Codes in Weight Lifting Simulator 3 – How?

Please follow the instructions below:

1. Find the blue “Codes” button left side of your screen and click this icon.

2. A screen will be opened.

3. Type codes from above to the blank area. (you can copy-paste these codes)

4. Hit the “Enter” button to use codes.

5. Enjoy the reward.


Welcome to Lifting Simulator! Lift Weights To Become Bigger & Stronger! Sell Your Muscle For Coins And Become Richer! 

Lift weights, use bench presses, deadlifts, treadmills, and much more to become the strongest lifter in history! Use your strength to kill other players and prove you’re the strongest! Compete in brawls and become the ultimate champion! 


How long does Lifting Simulator Code last?

Promo code last depends on the expiry of the promo code. However, Lifting Simulator Codes valid for a long period.

Why using Lifting Simulator Codes?

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Conclusion :

It’s the end of the article. We hope you like the promo codes that are listed above. Enjoy your amazing games with us. Enhance your power. Spend your time by playing exciting games. We will come back with new promo codes for you. Till then enjoy our previous codes. Thank you so much for giving us time.


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