Roblox Evolution Evade Codes

You’re searching for Roblox Evolution Evade Codes? Then, you have come on the right path. Here are some of the latest codes we have added to this page today. Roblox Evolution Evade Codes that we have provided are totally active. Just go below and choose code now.

Moreover, Roblox Evolution Evade is such a fantastic game. You gonna enjoy it a lot. Furthermore, applying code can give you amazing stuff like credits, EXP, skins, and many more.


Roblox Evolution Evade Codes


{Top} Roblox Evolution Evade Codes – May 2022

So, here comes the final list of the promo codes. Grab it now…


1. Discord – Moreover, use this code and you can get 500 Credits (NEW)

2. DvPlays – Furthermore, use this code and you can get 420 Credits

3. JustHarrison – On the other hand, use this code and you can get 400 Credits and 69 EXP

4. GDI – Especially, use this code and you can get Chef Knight Skin

5. UpdateFinally – Besides that, use this code and you can get 350 Credits and XP

6. WoahFreeCash – Last but not least, use this code and you can get free Credits


How to Redeem – Roblox Evolution Evade Codes?

So, if you want to redeem codes in the game and you don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry. Please follow the instructions that are given below. So that, the code is redeemed.


1. Click on the “Menu” icon on the left side of your screen.

2. Then, click on the Shop button to open a new window.

3. Enter code into the box which is on the top-right corner of the shop.

4. Press the Confirm to redeem your reward.

5. Enjoy the reward.


About the Game

Evolution Evade is a Tower Defense made by BoringGames Studio and is inspired by an old flash game called Age of Wars. This game involves players teaming up and defeating many waves of enemies. There are different types of eras, such as (Stone Age, Medieval Age, Renaissance Age, Modern Age, and Future Age), each age having different enemies unique to it.

There are 3 different modes, Easy, Hard, and Impossible. Doing impossible will grant you a new era and more towers. There are also PVP, Sandbox, and Randomizer in which players can team up to face another team. Once you triumph or win a match, players gain credits and EXP. Credits can be used to purchase new towers, perk creates, skins, and much more. The game was made on 2/16/2020 and the cap for each server is set to 50.




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