Survivor Codes

Survivor Codes (May 2022)

Doesn’t find anything working? If we are with you then why worry? We know what makes you happier. That’s why we came here with the latest Survivor Codes along with ourselves. So, be happy. Furthermore, Survivor Codes are working superbly. So, just go with Survivor Codes.

Moreover, the word Survivor mentioned in the game, clears that this game is all about surviving. And this game is very fantastic. Furthermore, you can get a chance to win free torches and coins. Above that, you can get many more rewards also. So, hurry up and play Survivor. Just apply code while you play the game.


Survivor Codes

Roblox Survivor Codes 2022

Not by wasting your precious time, let’s have a look at the list of the promo codes mentioned below.

1. d4rkw00d – Moreover, use this code and you can get a Darkwood Torch
2. 50mil – On the other hand, use this code and you can get a 50m Visits Torch
3. Tw33ter – However, use this code and you can get a Twitter Torch
4. 1year – Basically, use this code and you can get 365 Coins

Survivor Codes – How to redeem?

If you want to redeem codes in the game and you don’t know how to do it. Then don’t worry. Please follow the instructions that are given below. So that, the code is redeemed.

1. Go to the “Inventory” icon left side of your screen and click on this icon.

2. A “Twitter” icon (It should say codes on it) and click on this icon.

3. A screen will be opened.

4. Type codes from above to the blank area. (you can copy-paste these codes)

5. Hit the “Enter” button to use codes.

6. Enjoy the reward.

About the Game:

Welcome to the Survivor!

In this game, you need to battle for immunity to save yourself from the infamous Tribal Council where someone is voted off each round. Winning will require you to outwit, outplay and outlast all the other players. Also, eliminate any threats standing in your way. Do you have what it takes to beat the odds and become the Sole Survivor?


Therefore, it’s an ending. Hope these promo codes will work for you properly. Furthermore, any problem comes while using these promo codes, you can seek our help immediately by sending us a mail or you can also comment us in the comment section. It’s our responsibility to satisfy you with our better service. Above that, feel free to give feedback.

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